Musings: Picasso’s Ghost: why sometimes it’s best not to wait in line.

“Oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go. Nowhere to go!” Paul McCartney

This piece was written in June 2016

With a day to spare in Paris, and more importantly no plans or commitments, this morning I set out to visit the Picasso Museum. I’d always wanted to go, but bizarrely the last three times I have visited Paris it’s been closed.

Despite initial enthusiasm to see the great man’s work, after standing in line to buy a ticket for five minutes, in a queue stretching round and round with no end in sight, I had a revelation borne from impatience. “Hold on a minute!” went my inner monologue, “if Pablo Picasso had a day to spare in Paris I doubt he would have stood in a queue all morning. There’s hundreds of people in front of you. Why not get out of here now and experience this city with your precious (and scarce) free time!

And so it was that I spent the morning exploring the beautiful Marais area and surrounding streets. I’ve been in the area many times, but I’m afraid time dulls the memory and it is so beautiful. So here’s how the morning went.

First stop was this beautiful park where I sat and read my book after taking some photos:-

Then I decided it was time for some liquid refreshment, time for a Café au Lait…

Suitably refreshed I noticed the lovely architecture that surrounded me…

…as well as the street art and fun stuff there was to be discovered…

Next, I saw a car that will leave National Geographic subscribers pondering about what exactly their money goes towards! Either that or the driver of this Corvette really loves the magazine…

…I also realised that these are all over Paris, and found that Pixel style art is a very good use of colourful tiles…

…then I stumbled upon a lovely little museum (with no queue). It was called Musée Cognacq-Jay and had the most beautiful detailed painting of Venice by an artist called Canaletto…

…and finally, to top off a great morning on the way home I saw a bus pass me which my young daughter would have loved. I snapped a photo just in time. All I have to do now is find the bus with Elsa.

So as I sat this evening in my favourite place in Paris (a small old Roman arena, now a park, which is hidden in the back streets of Paris) thinking of how grateful I was to the spirit of Pablo Picasso for visiting me and whispering to me, “don’t bother standing in line, go out to see the city instead…”.

So when all is said and done I suppose this morning left me with the realisation that things sometimes come to those who don’t wait too.

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